Yankees announce A-Rod surgery plans

Here’s the press release from the Yankees:

The New York Yankees announced today that 3B Alex Rodriguez will undergo a left hip arthroscopy to repair a torn labrum, bone impingement and the correction of a cyst.

The injury was discovered after the conclusion of the season during Rodriguez’s regularly scheduled annual November physical evaluation with Dr. Marc Philippon. The diagnosis was confirmed after the Yankees sought the second opinion of Dr. Bryan Kelly. Both doctors believe that there is a very strong possibility that Rodriguez’s hip condition may have had a negative effect on his performance during the latter stages of the season and the playoffs.

The procedure will be performed by Dr. Kelly at The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York after Rodriguez completes a four-to-six week pre-habilitation regimen, as directed by Dr. Kelly.

The surgery—which will be similar but not identical to the one performed on Rodriguez’s right hip in 2009—is anticipated to require a four-to-six month recovery time.


Simple advice is that if the hip issue was bothering him so much that he stunk out New York in the playoffs – open your mouth & say, then that way instead of looking like a third rate bum who couldn’t hit water if he fell out a boat you let people know WHY! Instead of being a man and admitting he’s hurt he hurt the team by attempting to play through it, we’re now looking at him having surgery in December at the earliest when it could have been done 6 weeks ago. Arod gets grief because he’s too dumb to accept that he’s not the indestructible 22 year old kid any more, he’s a 37 year old guy breaking down! Unfortunately he’s not one of those guys with sense who’ll retire when their legs betray them because in Alex Rodriguez’s head he is the 22 year old version of Alex Rodriguez in a different uniform!


I am tired of all these A-Rod detractors. The guy can’t win. The Yankees didn’t advance last season because of the TOTAL offensive collapse, but Alex got most of the blame. Now we find out that a hip injury in all likelihood had a large effect on his performance Yet baseball fans will still look to give him grief. Well I don’t feel baseball players should be making they do make, our system is set up that way. Don’t blame him for getting a 275 million dollar contract. Would you have turned it down? Of course not. The Yankees knew his skills would be eroding as he entered the later years of the contract. But the guy plays all out. He has never dogged it. He gives 110% every time he is on the field. That is all I ask of any player..


A-bod is a worthless nothing. A small country could live off what he gets paid. Notice i said paid, not earned. All he cares about is what he looks like. He’s really screwed up the yankees. If he was anything at all, he’d bow out of his ridiculously long contract, so the yankees could get on with winning the world series just about every year, like god ordained. He does not need the $ and never will. If the yankees can get out of this contract because of all his lies deceit. He’s NOT living up to his contract.


It will be interesting to see the Yankees without AROD. If they pitch well and have a great first half of the season, then AROD can take his sweet time getting better. However, this surgery is a possible excuse for his bad end of the season (although I’m doubtful). I don’t rule out he can still be a good player, but I hate to admit it, I won’t miss his drama and whiffs during the first half of the season. Re-sign Chavez and use Nova (he has to be as good at third as the Miggy is) at third. It will be more interesting to see what happens to——catcher position, sign or no sign Ichiro , and any other free agent moves. These will be more important to this team next year than AROD and surgery.
Never a worry in my mind about Jeter being 100% at beginning of season and our shortstop. That is money in the bank and so is Mo being effective. Both have sufficient recuperation time to expect them back with no problems.


Final nail in this guy’s career. Time to call a spade a spade Cashman. Pay this guy the money owned for his injury, cut your losses and get a third baseman. Sorry folks this is what you get when you use anti-B steroids over a period of time. Again cut your losses and move on. His career is over.


while they are working on his hip they should also take a look at the inside of his head


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