Granderson to left, Gardner in center? Maybe

There has been a little bit of early speculation this offseason that Curtis Granderson could shift to left field next season, with Brett Gardner – generally regarded as a better defensive outfielder – taking over duties in center field.

Joe Girardi didn’t exactly shoot down the suggestion this afternoon at Yankee Stadium, though it certainly sounds like nothing is written in ink at this point (or, really, even pencil):

“I think anything’s possible, things that you can do. We haven’t really decided what we’re going to do with our team because right now, what do we have? 13 or 14 players? We have to wait to see what the makeup of the team.”

The Yankees have often proudly proclaimed that they have two centerfielders in their outfield, but Gardner could be the preferred glove. Asked what he thought of Granderson’s defensive work in center field, Girardi didn’t exactly offer a ringing endorsement: “I thought he did a decent job for us.”

Either way, the Yankees are going to have to find outfield answers with Nick Swisher believed to be on the way out as a free agent.

On the topic of Swisher, Girardi said: “He’s an everyday player that’s a switch-hitter that helps us with all the left-handed bats that we have. Numbers aren’t easy to necessarily put up. It’s something that we’re probably going to have to work hard to replace.”

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