Yankees make qualifying offers to Soriano, Swisher, Kuroda

NEW YORK – The Yankees have extended qualifying contract offers to Rafael Soriano, Hiroki Kuroda and Nick Swisher, the club announced on Friday.

The deals are worth $13.3 million for one year, and if rejected, the players will become free agents. The offers ensure that the Yankees will receive Draft compensation if the players sign elsewhere.

Soriano and Swisher are not expected to accept the offers, a move which would permit them to seek multi-year contracts elsewhere. All players receiving qualifying offers have until next Friday to decide.

Kuroda may consider accepting the offer, coming off a strong debut season in the American League in which he earned $10 million. Kuroda, who turns 38 in February, was 16-11 with a 3.32 ERA in 32 regular season starts.

His performance might entice clubs to offer a multiple-year deal, but Kuroda has said in the past that he prefers going from year to year, so the qualifying offer represents something of a healthy raise from the Yankees.

The Yankees declined to make a qualifying offer to catcher Russell Martin, who might have accepted the $13.3 million figure after hitting .211 with 21 homers and 53 RBIs in 133 games.

The Yankees offered Martin a three-year extension in the $20 million range this spring and are thought to have interest in retaining Martin, who turns 30 in February, but not at that dollar value.

The matter of qualifying offers is new this season, thanks to changes in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The $13.3 million figure represents the average of the previous year’s top 125 free agent salaries.

If Soriano, Swisher and Kuroda decline the offers, they could still re-sign with the Yankees at a different price. Should the players sign with another team, the Yankees receive a compensation pick made between the first and second rounds by reverse order of winning percentage, while the signing team loses its first-round pick.

The top 10 picks of the Draft are protected, so any team holding a top 10 pick forfeits its second-round selection if it signs a player who received a qualifying offer (the Pirates’ No. 9 pick is safe, as it is compensation for failing to sign their first-round pick this year).


IF they do keep Suzuki, it shouldn’t be for more than 1 season, I’m sick of this team overcommitting to these old players who are near the end of their careers. Let him walk if he wants more than a one year deal. The Yanks will need to look at the FA market or at a trade to fill some of the holes, as it is this team can’t depend on any of the hitters on its current roster to get them to a WS as we saw this past off season, most of them have proven worthless in clutch situations, and the Yankees don’t have any quality minor league prospects close to being ready for the Show.


They should keep kuroda. Soriano deal depends on mariano, we have robertson. I think the yanks need to give minor leaugers a shot.
With this years playoff collapse ,I would keep suzuki jeter tex and ibanez ,and nunez hit well too. Everone else will not get us to a world series title


I hope they offer Ichiro a contract. I loved watching him play and the players were very open to his arrival. I do hope Swisher and Kuroda take the offers as well. I like them both.


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