Marlins president: No trade talks for A-Rod

Miami Marlins president David Samson said nothing is in the works regarding a possible trade with the Yankees for Alex Rodriguez.

“There have been no conversations between the Yankees and the Marlins,” Samson told’s Joe Frisaro at a team community event in Miami.

Samson’s comment echoes what Yankees general manager Brian Cashman told reporters on Wednesday.

Asked how such a rumor would start, Samson replied: “We’re Miami.”

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AROD’s contract is going to be a huge stumbling block for any kind of trade. He is still a good third baseman, but the problem is the hitting. Too many strike outs and double plays and not enough RBI’s and homers to offset. The Mick retired at 36, Mays played till 42, but the last three years was a shadow of himself, Ted Williams went to 42 but he was a disciplined hitter. However, an interesting historical player to study in terms of AROD is Mike Schmidt. Third baseman, good power, whiffed a bunch, similar build———–after 37 he played two years and fell off quite sharply. He retired at age 39. This would be unprecedented but if AROD wants to stay a Yankee he could say if he doesn’t reach certain levels of production that he will retire or take a pay cut. He doesn’t strike me as that sort of guy, and he is bound and determined to get the all-time hr record. The truth is his inability to hit the up fastball will make him an easy target for pitchers and he simply doesn’t have enough gas left to hit another 100 home runs.


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