ALCS Game 4: Yankees at Tigers

The Yankees and Tigers are fielding the same lineups as they did for last night’s rainout, with first pitch at Comerica Park scheduled for 4:07 p.m. ET. Here are the batting orders for each club:

NEW YORK YANKEES (0-3 / 95-67) at DETROIT TIGERS (3-0 / 88-74)
LHP CC Sabathia (2-0, 1.53) vs. RHP Max Scherzer (0-0, 0.00)
Thursday, October 18 • 4:07 p.m. et • TBS • Comerica Park

Ichiro Suzuki LF
Nick Swisher RF
Robinson Cano 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Raul Ibanez DH
Eric Chavez 3B
Russell Martin C
Brett Gardner CF
Eduardo Nunez SS

CC Sabathia LHP

Austin Jackson CF
Omar Infante 2B
Miguel Cabrera 3B
Prince Fielder 1B
Delmon Young DH
Jhonny Peralta SS
Andy Dirks LF
Avisail Garcia RF
Gerald Laird C

Max Scherzer RHP

LIFE’S A PITCH: Yankees pitchers have compiled a 2.25 team ERA this postseason (80.0IP, 20ER), their lowest mark since 1961 (1.60)…the Yankees have won the World Series in each of the previous 13 postseasons they recorded a ERA under 2.50.
ð Have held opponents to 3R or less in seven of eight games thus far in the postseason, including five games of 2R or fewer.

LEADING OFF: The Yankees have employed three different leadoff hitters in the first three games of this series (Jeter, Ichiro and Gardner)… according to the Elias Sports Bureau, marks the first time the Yankees used a different leadoff hitter in three consecutive postseason games since the 2000 World Series Game 2-4: Chuck Knoblauch, Jose Vizcaino and Derek Jeter.

CC SABATHIA: Is undefeated in his six road postseason starts as a Yankee (since 2009), going 3-0 with a 4.19 ERA (38.2IP, 18ER)…Is undefeated over his last eight postseason starts, going 4-0 with a 3.97 ERA (47.2IP, 21ER)… has allowed 3ER or less in all but two of those outings.


The Yankees had a great season, but a horrible postseason…that’s all to be said. They’ll be fine next year with or without A-Rod.
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not surprised by the result today and in this series. What more can be said? We’ve said it all. Hopefuly Yankee management is listening and will make the tough decisions needed in the off season. You play 162 games to get to the post season and then you play like these guys played? Hit like these guys hit? A total implosion. Total embarrassment. Where’s the pride? They gave up. They wouldn’t have won even if Jeter hadn’t been injured. I’m not sure that Girardi should get off scott free here as management. How can you blame Cashman for guys that didn’t hit all postseason and left RISP all season? problem is Cashman put together a team that can hit home runs but are not contact hitters, not clutch hitters. That’s what we need. Go out and get the Scutaros and the Pedroias, not the prima donas and the high priced super stars. Do we have any players in our system that show promise that we could bring up? Anyway, very disappointing. The Steinbrenners have been totally silent in all this. Rumored they were trying to sell the team. Might not be a bad idea if they can get a buyer, an owner who has a passion for baseball and pride in the history of the New York Yankees. Not just a business head with money. Maybe someone like Joe Torre. Anyway, have a happy off season everyone and let’s get pumped up for next season. Until next spring….


Allan MGMT better take a good LONG look at this season and make some decisions. Truly disgusted by the lack of pride & effort shown by a number of players throughout the year and especially in these playoffs. As far as I am concerned the HEART of this team left on the warning track in KC, the SOUL left in Game 1 of this series. There wasn’t much left with this team after that. Surprisingly the pitching was much better than I thought it would be, Mgmt. knows where the problems are and where new YOUNG talent is needed. They alos know what players NEED to be let go. That will be very costly but needs to be done. Enough is enough.


Well, can’t say I’m surprised – RISPfail pretty much all season & offensefail all post season capped off with the final nail in the coffin with the pitching implosion. Much rebuilding needed over the offseason & ultimately I hope they seriously look to get younger & learn from the mistakes of the year.


Terrible. Just terrible. There is nothing else to say.


Ugly and getting worse. Since the Captain broke his ankle this has been a nightmare. The team is lost with no found available. The Tigers are not this good, but wow, they sure have looked good against the Yankees. If this is it, best to all!


4-0 now and done. There is NO way this team scores 4 runs, HECK they cannot even get a hit. Let’s just get this season over with and BUILD for next season. That means goodbye and good riddance to certain players.


Totally agree with your post Bryan and as a from birth Yankee fan I fully back Girardi on this. Aroid has run out his welcome with many Yankee fans. It goes beyond the “I” mentality with this guy, beyond the inability to hit in the postseason, beyond the embarassment of steroid use. For me the “flirting” incident reported by the NY Post was the last straw for upper management. If I were Joe I would NOT have him on the bench today. Aroid has burned way to many bridges with way to many Yankee fans. He may not be going to the Marlins but I do NOT see him back in a Yankee uniform next season. I don’t care if he wins the triple crown next year for some other team. Just get rid of him. Send him to the Cubs for a bag of peanuts.


I’m going to choose to be an optimist. We’ve got CC on the mound today and Andy P. going tomorrow. Get this thing back to New York and who knows what can happen. Benching AROD with his inability to catch up to high fast ball is a good idea, but If a lefty comes in to pitch, I wouldn’t hesitate to put him in. I like the speed in the lineup because when a team is not hitting, it may be necessary to manufacture a few runs. The breaks have certainly not gone our way and that can’t go on forever. I like the fact that the lineup only struck out 4 times against Verlander. I think Joe G. is doing all in his power to win. I’ve just got a feeling there is more to this postseason story than it ending today.


This lineup is a joke. WHY oh WHY is Chavez in there?? And Gardner? “chavy” 0-14, 6 strikeouts, two popups; Gardy..0-4 couldnt get the ball out of the infield. Girsardi is being set up as the fall guy. Joe, Steinbrenners, Levine…can you please tell us the truth??


I don’t agree with that. Girardi’s job is in no danger; he has made these lineups with the full blessing of the front office. If anything, it shows how ready they are to move on from A-Rod.



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