Yankees look ahead to ALCS Game 3

10/15/12: Phil Hughes, Mark Teixeira and Jayson Nix discuss what they need to do to be successful in Game 3 of the ALCS

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don’t see this lineup getting it done but neither did the other one. I think we might as well resign ourselves as Yankee fans to a sweep by the Tigers and try to recover and regroup and get ready for next year. Hopefully it won’t be more of the same. Too old a team. Too prone to injury and fatigue. Need new players, young players, players who are contact hitters, players like Pedroia and Scutaro who aren’t power hitters necessarily but get on base and who never quit and who are consistent hitting in the clutch and with RISP. See Scutaro get run over by Holliday. Dirty follow through on 2nd but Scutaro got up dusted himself off, stayed in the game and contributed later at the plate. That’s the kind of guys we need. Not these cinderella high paid players and aging players who are at the end of their career. Don’t hold out much hope for this series. Question Girardi and hitting coach being hired again for next year. There will need to be a lot of hard thinking and decision making in the off season. The Steinbrenner boys, including Casham, have been conspicuous by their silence in all the stuff going on. George must be rolling over in his grave.


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