On to the ALCS

“It’s what I am here for. It’s what I play the game for. I guess I should feel a little pressure or something like that, but I don’t. I mean, I feel like that every time out. It can be Game 1, it can be Game 15, it don’t matter. I feel like I need to go out and win every time out. And I think that takes a lot of pressure off me. I put so much pressure on myself to go out and perform well that I expect it.” – CC Sabathia


Cano if you look at a lot of his AB they were pitching him away pretty much constantly where he was chasing a lot of balls – he’s not the most disciplined player going and will chase, the O’s knowing that pitched to it, which I fully expect the Tigers to do. Swisher yeah, annoying but again, there was some positives, few hard hit balls granted a lot of them right at outfielders but getting them out of the infield is better than not even getting them out the batters box! Granderson ran into one last night, it was a long way gone but lets be honest, he’s mostly at this point in there because he’s a gold glove calibre CF! Problem is we’re facing a double threat most likely in G3 – bad, Tigers Stadium is a BIG ballpark, worse, there’s the small matter of the guy on the mound who happens to be what nasty aspires to be! Still fancy us to take the series, but we really need to start to manufacture runs in that ballpark and ofcourse, keep the bash brothers out of the game!


Seeknay. I’m with you again. We are very much alike in our thinking. That’s scary. Agree with Allan too. I thought ARod had dropped Borass as his agent last year after the drama of his signing his last contract. Am I wrong? Anyway, agree the Yankees are saddled with him for another 5 years unless ARod retires or asks for a trade and the Yankees can work out a deal with the new team financially. Anyway, a headache for Cashman and the Steinbrenners. I guess they created it by signing a 32 year old to a 10 year contract knowning he had likely been on steroids in the peak of his career. His power is gone. His stroke his gone. His mechanics at the plate are shot. Injuries have diminished his effectiveness. He can’t even play DH any more because he can’t hit a beach ball. Is there a magician who can correct his swing, fix his body so he can start hitting with power and in clutch situations again? Obviously Long is not that magician. CC great last game. Timely hits from Suzuki and Tex and Granderson. Surprising steal by Tex. Two powerful teams scoring 1,2,3 runs a game? Where’s the hitting gone? Is the pitching that great? Are the guys trying too hard? Even Cano not hitting. Swish his usual post season self. Granderson has upteen strikeouts in the series. What’s going on? Leaving it to the backup guys, the less paid guys to get it done. Jeter made a nice pick up and throw to 1st for the last out given his bum foot. Anyway, on to the next series. Got to find our hitting stroke to win and our HR power and continue to play some small ball where we need it.


Even if Arod asked to be traded it begs a few questions, 1 who’s dim enough to want that trade, 2 where would Arod approve a trade to (he’s got to have serious protection and lets face it, he’s not going to want trading to some backwater!) & 3 how much are we likely to be picking up on that contract every year. Question 2 is probably one of the easier answers, if it’s not LA, NY or Boston he’s not going there, period and I don’t see either the Dodgers or Angels being THAT stupid! I did question last night if the O’s wanted to trade Machado for him though, that kid’s got a cannon over there and looks pretty handy so far in his short career, probably not gonna work out as a .300/30/100 guy over his career, but could still be handy. But we all know he’s not going to ask to be traded, we all know he’ll reject almost all trades (the lights are brighter in New York – the most important thing for an egomaniac!) and well, I can’t see many teams who would want that drama for another 5 years, all that before you take into account they’d need to deal with Boras!


Not sure I agree with you about Aroid mickeyyogi. The guy is a headcase and waiting on him to hit a long ball could be a waste of time. I just wish the guy would put the *amn ball in play with ducks on the pond. His hit a HR mentality could be why he is such a fundamentally BAD ball player. All in all I’ve been reading that Girardi’s benching him could have long range repercussions. I hope it does, and hope #13 asks to be traded. Of course what team in their right mind wants that contract?? Just fed up with this guy’s drama.


Great pitching performance by C.C. Scratched out a few runs and Grandy hit a bomb. I’m still not sure if that ball hit by Nate M. was foul or nicked the pole. The baseball god’s seem to blow to the men in pinstripes when it is postseason. I’d put AROD back in lineup and hope he hits a long ball early. He is a player, who in his mind, is only as good as his last homer. This causes him to be very streaky, but darn, I’ve never seen a Yankee get so streaky—-in a bad way. I think he needs to hang out with the ghost of Mick——he’d tell him, “Swing hard and screw’em if ya whiff.”



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