Joe Girardi on benching A-Rod for decisive Game 5

Here are a selection of quotes from Joe Girardi’s off-camera session with the beat reporters earlier in the afternoon —

“As I’ve talked about a little bit, it has been a struggle against the right-handers. Chavy has been a guy that we’ve played against a lot of right-handers and has been pretty successful, so it’s a tough decision – there’s no doubt about it, because of what he’s meant to our club. But I just thought with the struggles that he’s had, I’m going to go with Chavy. He said he’s ready to help when he needs to help, and let’s win today.”

“I think a lot of it is where we are right now. It comes down to nine innings or whatever we play today. Chavy’s at-bats have been really good against right-handers this year and I’m going with it.”

On potential future ramifications: “You can’t think about that now. You’ve got to think about winning a game. This is not June. This is October.”

A-Rod’s reaction: “You know what? The man has a lot of pride and the man has accomplished a lot in his career. I’m sure it’s not easy. Imagine if you’re in his shoes? Everyone wants to be in it. I always wanted to play too, and I understood. It’s something we have to deal with.”

Consult anyone on this?: “Of course I talk to other people. I talk to the people in our organization and I sleep on it and look at stuff. I know it’s not easy. I had a chance to witness it first-hand as a player too. I can imagine some of the trepidation that Joe [Torre] went, playing Cecil [Fielder] over Tino [Martinez], I think it was 1996. Tino had a monstrous year for us. And it’s not easy. Players have a lot of pride and they have a lot of belief in themselves. It’s not easy. As a manager, sometimes you’ve got to make tough decisions.”

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