ALDS Game 4: Yankees vs. Orioles

BALTIMORE ORIOLES (1-2/93-69) at NEW YORK YANKEES (2-1/95-67)
RHP Phil Hughes (16-13, 4.23) vs. LHP Joe Saunders (3-3, 3.63 w/ BAL in ’12)
Thursday, October 11 • 7:37 p.m. et • TBS • Yankee Stadium

Nate McLouth LF
J.J. Hardy SS
Chris Davis RF
Adam Jones CF
Matt Wieters C
Jim Thome DH
Mark Reynolds 1B
Ryan Flaherty 2B
Manny Machado 3B

Joe Saunders LHP

Derek Jeter DH
Ichiro Suzuki LF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Robinson Cano 2B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Nick Swisher RF
Russell Martin C
Curtis Granderson CF
Jayson Nix SS

Phil Hughes RHP

Game information from the Yankees’ media relations team:

DAVID’S WINS: RHP David Robertson earned his third career postseason win last night, now tied with Sparky Lyle for the third-most relief wins in franchise history behind Mariano Rivera (8) and Mike Stanton (4)… Robertson has recorded the victory in each of the Yankees’ last three postseason extra-inning wins (also 2009 ALDS Gm 2 vs. Minnesota and 2009 ALCS Gm 2 vs. Los Angeles-AL).

EXTRA, EXTRA: The Yankees have won each of their last four extra-inning games dating back to the regular season – all coming in their last seven home games… are 7-3 overall in extra-inning contests this season, including three wins vs. Baltimore (also 4/10-11).
ð The Yankees have now won each of their last 10 extra-inning postseason games at home dating back to 1999… according to Elias, is the longest such streak in Major League history.

WILLIE ON THE MOUND: Former Yankees player and coach Willie Randolph will throw out tonight’s ceremonial first pitch. Appeared in the postseason four times with the Yankees (1976-77, ‘80-81), including three World Series (‘76 loss, ‘77 win and ‘81 loss).


Yeah release Arod – lets see that’ll cost us somewhere in the region of $100-125m, how many people with masses of money do you know who willingly throw away over $100m? I’m with you, Arod’s been a ball & chain this postseason, so has Granderson, so has to an extent Swisher, we all see it, we all know it, but face it, he’s here to stay because he lacks the humility to walk away from his contract. We had chances to win that game last night, plenty of them, but didn’t take them – story of our season, lack of hitting in clutch situations, lack of hitting with RISP and well, lack of hitting period. Methinks that unless there’s a mighty big turnaround the one person who should be looking for a new job is actually Kevin Long.


This game boiled down to the bottom of the 8th inning with the Yankees at 2nd and 3rd and one out. Unfortunately the $25 nillion LOAF was up. Does Aroid put the ball in play? Does he hit an SF for the lead? Does he do anything? Absolutely NOT He strikes out as usual. How many times have we seen this?????? This guy is a CHOKER and always has been. And please do NOT throw up 2009 Yankee fans. This clown is incapable of doing what needs to be done. Why Girardi didn’t PH for him again is beyond me. Casey would have. IF the Yankees had brains in the off season they will END this joke at 3rd base. Again RELEASE HIM AT THE END OF THE YEAR. Enough is enough.


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