MLB announces schedule through Tuesday

Major League Baseball has announced the game times through Tuesday, which covers Games 1 and 2 of the American League Division Series for the Yankees.

New York will play ALDS Game 1 on Sunday at 6:15 p.m. ET at the winner of tonight’s Wild Card game between the Orioles and Rangers. Monday’s ALDS Game 2 is scheduled to begin at 8:07 p.m. ET.

Both games will be televised on TBS. Tonight the Yankees are holding a workout under the lights at Yankee Stadium, and they’ll likely bring their bags to hit the road for either Baltimore or Arlington after the Wild Card game is decided.

  • As I’ve replied to those who have asked on Twitter, the Yankees do have home field advantage, despite the fact they open on the road. Game 3 (plus Game 4 & Game 5, if necessary) would be held at Yankee Stadium. Yes, this is a change from the old 2-2-1 format due to scheduling conflicts, but all involved teams have known about it since at least March. MLB has said the old format will return in 2013.

    This 2-3 ALDS format is the same one that MLB used from 1995-97. That worked out OK for the Yanks as division winners in 1996; not so much as Wild Cards in ’95 (Seattle) and ’97 (Cleveland).

  • Umpires have been announced for the ALDS series involving the Yankees: Brian Gorman, Mark Carlson, Fieldin Culbreth, Mike Everitt, Angel Hernandez and Tony Randazzo.

    This was a result of the rush to add a second wild card. And each team is 6-3 in the opponent’s ball park!


    That’s crap. I don’t care how long the teams have known. It puts the team that worked their butts off to get home advantage at a disadvantage. Screw scheduling. They knew about scheduling a long time ago too with adding a extra wild card team. How can they bring back the 2-2-1 in 2013 if it was a problem in 2012. Team with home field advantage has to play first two games in opponent’s field. if they get into a hole of 2-0 even if they come back to their home field it’s a long and difficult road back. As far as I’m concerned the yankees are disadvantaged by this stupid ruling and schedule and someone in the yankee organization should be kicking up a stink about it. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Team with home advantage having to start in their opponent’s field for the first two games of the best of five. Totally ridiculous and unacceptable i THINK. I think whoever the team is the Yankees face they should be laughing at this point. Anyone else agree? Yankees will always play better in their own park and important in a short series to get a leg up as soon as possible. Total Crap!


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