Derek Jeter leading off and DHing for the Yankees

Derek Jeter promised that he’d be in the Yankees lineup on Thursday night, despite the bone bruise that forced him to leave in the eighth inning of Wednesday’s 5-4 win over the Red Sox. He wasn’t kidding. Rob Thomson slapped a lineup on the wall that featured Jeter leading off and serving as the designated hitter. The call came after manager Joe Girardi saw the captain earlier in the day, and Jeter told Girardi that he feels “great.”

Girardi doesn’t really believe that Jeter feels all that great — anyone who watched him hobble out of Fenway last night probably feels the same way — but he also isn’t willing to question his shortstop during this crucial stretch, so he’ll pretend not to notice Jeter’s sarcasm.

“I don’t know how much improvement he had overnight,” Girardi said. “I talked to him when he got here today and I said, “How do you feel?’’ And he says, ‘Great,’ like he always does. So I said, I’m going to put you in as DH, go through BP and let me how you feel. If I’ve got to change the lineup, I’ll change it. He’s a hard guy to read. My hope is we’re going to be able to leave him there.”

Eduardo Nunez gets the start at shortstop tonight in place of Jeter, who has played in 140 of the Yankees’ 142 games this year.

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Teixiera can learn something from Jeter. Tex talks about his bigger body etc. which might cause his calf injury more easily than someone with a smaller body. Well Jeter isn’t that small. The way he hobbled off last night you figure he could be out for a week or 10 days. But not Jeter, He wants to play and will play even if his ankle hurts. Playing through pain goes with the turf for a professional athlete especially this close to the playoffs and fighting for division title and possible wild card. Tex says he’s only 80%. Yeh, well 80% is pretty good. How many other players are playing 80% healthy. With all the money Tex is making he needs to suck it up and get on with the game, pain and all. We need this one tonight to keep pace with the overachieving Orioles. Rays not far behind. Hope Hughes has his A game tonight. He’ll need it. i can’t believe that Pearce and Jones are in the lineup. They are totally useless at the plate, lefty or righty it doesn’t matter. In the last couple of weeks Jones has done nothing.


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