Teixeira: “I’m not one to complain about calls, but that was bad”

Mark Teixeira expects that he’ll hear something from the league office after his unfiltered commentary on first base umpire Jerry Meals’ call in the ninth inning of Saturday’s game, as Teixeira was called out on a head-first slide into first base that ended the game and gave the Orioles a 5-4 win.

Television replays showed that Teixeira beat the play, as first baseman Mark Reynolds was still waiting for the throw from second baseman Robert Andino when Teixeira hit the bag. Here’s Teixeira:

“I’m pretty sure the game was televised, so everyone saw what it was. It was just a terrible call. It happens.”

How frustrating is that?
“Very frustrating. It started in the eighth inning. We could have had a big inning there and a questionable call on me as well. And in the ninth, sometimes you wonder if the umpires are just trying to get out of there. They don’t want you to make a comeback, they want to go home, because those are terrible calls. It is what it is, but we’re out there fighting, I’m out there playing on one leg and I wish it would have gone my way.”

On why he didn’t argue more:
“It does no good. It wasn’t even that close, that’s what’s disappointing. We’re out here battling, we’re scratching and clawing for every win, and it wasn’t close. I’m not one to complain about calls, but that was bad.”

On what he did say to Meals:
“I think I said, ‘You got me again,’ because it happened in the eighth. Al hits a home run right after. I should have been on first base. That could have been a huge inning, so here we are in the eighth and in the ninth – back-to-back innings – and I just told him, ‘You got me again.’ That’s it.”

More on Meals’ call:
“That was a terrible call. I hope he comes in and says, you know what, I had a bad angle and I missed it. But two in a row: In the eighth on a pitch that’s probably six inches outside? [Home plate umpire Cory Blaser] was great all night. I got to 3-2 all night because he was really good. He was a good umpire. I don’t think, he probably didn’t miss one or two all night. In the eighth, and then in the ninth, they make really, really questionable calls. It’s just upsetting when that happens.”

“I’m probably going to get fined, but I don’t care, really, because I’m out there fighting. We’re out there fighting. When you’re battling like we’re battling and I’m out there on one leg and they can’t get a call right, that [ticks] you off. It really does.”


Umpiring has been going downhill over the past few years. No team can depend on them to reverse a BAD call or for the MLB to do anything about bad umpiring. The sad thing about it is Meals ought to be suspended for the call but instead will be behind the plate today in the final game. Something needs to be done about the BAD umpiring/officiating in baseball and other sports.


MLB network on their broadcast of the game never showed even one replay of the blown call to end the game. They switched back to the studio immediately after the call. The desk made some lame comments about sliding head first as if it’s never been done in the past. Very weak of MLB network.


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