Wearing socks low, Robertson bounces back

David Robertson insists that he isn’t the superstitious type, but it was impossible not to notice that he took the mound last night wearing his socks low, returning to the look that worked for him on Wednesday against the Rays in St. Petersburg.

Robertson said that it had nothing to do with his troublesome outing on Thursday, when he faced three batters and retired none, serving up two home runs to the Orioles at Camden Yards. Well, it wasn’t his idea, at least.

“I’m not [superstitious], I swear,” Robertson said. “here’s other guys on this team who are very superstitious. I was told [to wear my socks low].”

Asked by whom, Robertson pointed to the locker assigned to fellow reliever Boone Logan.

“I’m not going to name any names, but it’s the guy in the locker next to me,” he said.

More importantly, Robertson got back to throwing his curveball, which has been noticeably absent in recent outings. Robertson said that he isn’t doing anything differently and just likes the way he is throwing his fastball lately, but he threw three straight curves to Adam Jones and whiffed the red-hot slugger.

“I had a good curveball tonight,” Robertson said. “I got him to chase a first-strike curveball; threw it again, he swung. I saw an opportunity to hopefully get a strikeout there and was able to get a good curveball down and away and he took a swing at it.”

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