Pom-poms on, Pettitte hopes “tonight is the night” for Yanks

As he hobbled into the Yankees clubhouse late on the afternoon of June 27, Andy Pettitte said that he was going to have to “put my pom-poms on and be a cheerleader” for a big part of his team’s season.

It hasn’t been fun for him, but that means Pettitte has been watching as closely as anyone during this recent stretch. His frustration is probably greater than any fan out there, also, because Pettitte believes he can probably help the team snap out of this funk — if only his left ankle was ready for the task.

So what has Pettitte thought of the team’s struggles?

“Obviously you have a level of concern because you want to win. We want to win this thing, and it would be great to have a 10-game lead right now, rest guys up, and let us cruise in to the postseason. I would say there’s a level of concern, but what can you do? You can’t do anything. You go out and hope the guys can relax. That’s all you can do. We’ve got great leadership, and now you go out and play the game.

“What you don’t want to see is guys getting tight, you feel like guys are tight, and just walking people – but you don’t see that. We’re in a bad stretch, we’ve got to turn it around, and we’ve got to figure out some way to turn it around. Every night, we say tonight’s the night. And hopefully tonight is the night. Hopefully we start playing better.

“We just need to get a win. We need a couple wins, and usually that starts with a great pitching performance, it really does. What I’ve seen, is when somebody goes out and throws seven or eight innings of shutout [ball], guys scratch out a few runs, and hopefully you get rolling. For me, I’m a pitcher, so I usually think about it on our side. Let’s go out and throw some zeroes up there.”

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It sure would be nice if Andy P. was ready to pitch today! I’d feel a whole lot better because not only is he reliable, but he makes the other pitchers better. He’ll be on the mound within two weeks—–he is too much of a competitor to wait longer than that. Meanwhile, Derek Jeter is willing this team forward. Last night—-what an effort by him——legs hurting but three hits and a great play to save runs late in the game. If the Yankees finish first and he isn’t MVP there should be an investigation. It would be sooooo nice if AROD would have one of those two week periods where he hits 7 or 8 homeruns—its a wish——–but a very nice one!


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