Derek Jeter: There’s no panic in the Yankees clubhouse

Derek Jeter was asked about a potential level of panic in the Yankees’ clubhouse after their latest loss, a 4-3 decision to the Rays that trimmed the club’s lead in the American League East to a single game over the second-place Orioles.

“Who’s panicking? You?” Jeter replied. “Are you panicking? How do you deal with panic?”

Told that he was the one being asked the questions, Jeter continued, “I don’t panic, so I don’t have to deal with it. Everyone deals with it differently. But I’m not one to panic.”

And why? Well, for starters, the Yankees still lead the American League East, even though they’ve almost coughed it up here with this late-season swoon.

“Almost, but it’s not,” Jeter said. “See, I look at the positives, you know what I’m saying? Like I said before we even got into this month, we play everyone. So we’ve got to win games. That’s it. It doesn’t get any more complicated than that.”

Here’s how Jeter’s teammates responded to similar inquiries about the club’s state of mind:

Manager Joe Girardi: “I’m always positive. That’s my personality. I’ve said it all along; these guys have found a way to get it done all year long through a lot of adversity, through a lot of injuries, through a lot of different things that we’ve been through. I believe they’re going to do it. That’s who they are and I believe in them.”

Alex Rodriguez: “I think nobody’s panicking. We’ve done this for a long time. The important thing for us is we have to focus. Number one is we have to worry about winning series and number two is doing the little things. That’s always been our focus around here. If we focus on those things, this team’s going to be fine.”

CC Sabathia: “It’s baseball. We’ve got to go out and keep playing. It’s a tough game but we still have a lead. It’s all up to us and hopefully we can turn it around. … I mean, we’ve had some injuries. We’ve got some guys coming back. Hopefully that could give us a shot in the arm to be able to take off and start playing well.”

Robinson Cano: “It’s not a good feeling. You lose some games, and you just want to win games. You don’t want to put your head down. Just got to turn the page. Just be ready for tomorrow.”

David Robertson: “Every loss right now hurts. We need to hopefully win the next two games here. That’s really all we can focus on. Today is over and done with. We’ve still got the rest of the series, we’ve got two more games against them, and we need to pick up a couple of wins.”


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