Girardi ejected after arguing fair-foul call in fifth inning

Video of the play, via

DETROIT – Yankees manager Joe Girardi was ejected from Thursday’s game against the Tigers for arguing Andy Dirks’ run-scoring double in the fifth inning.

Dirks connected for a ball down the left field line that third base umpire Tim Welke initially put his arms up for, signaling a foul ball, and then reversed his call to signal a fair ball.

Replays showed that the ball kicked up chalk on the left field line, a fair ball, but the delayed call may have influenced Yankees left fielder Raul Ibanez, who had the ball kick past him.

The play allowed Quintin Berry to score, giving Detroit a 3-2 lead against starter Hiroki Kuroda. Girardi vehemently argued the call with Welke and crew chief Bob Davidson, tossing his cap across the infield and mimicking Welke’s initial call as he left the field, pointing to foul territory and then fair territory as the Comerica Park crowd roared.

It was Girardi’s third ejection of the season, having been tossed previously by Joe West and Davidson. All four of the Bombers’ coaching ejections this season have come against the Tigers.

Bench coach Tony Pena replaced Girardi as the Yankees’ acting manager.


Bryan: Whathas happened to this blog? It used to be so active and lots of comments and controversy but not it’s down to Seeknay and myself and one or two others to comment. We haven’t seen Robert G. for a long time either. He says he’s moved on to facebook. Is that where everyone is gone or did they just lose interest? What happened? And you haven’t been posting here regularly either. It’s all old stuff. Why do you keep this site going? I’m on facebook but it isn’t the same as what we had here before. I’m also using twitter during the games and that’s been fun but again none of the fans that used to blog here and everything is happening so quickly and comments are limited and several seem to take up space for the whole game. Anyway, I’d be interested in your take on this. Thanks.


The really great question is this———right now at this point of the season——–based on statistics———who is a better third baseman——Chavez or AROD? I know Chavez is fragile, but he also is clutch!


The umpiring in the MLB is getting WORSE not better. Don’t blame Joe at all for exploding on this ROTTEN reversal. Make up your damn mind Welke, you are paid very well to make calls NOT looking at the chicks in the stands.


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