Joe Girardi clashes with umpire during 7-2 loss to Tigers

Yankees manager Joe Girardi clashed with home plate umpire Tony Randazzo in the third inning of the New York’s 7-2 loss to the Detroit Tigers on Monday, displeased with the strike zone Randazzo was calling for starting pitchers Justin Verlander and Ivan Nova.

“I didn’t care for some of the strikes early in the game, and we were talking back and forth and he looked at me and stared at me,” Girardi said. “I don’t get it. When the inning’s over, walk the other way. It’s pretty simple.”

Asked if he was surprised that Randazzo allowed Girardi to stay in the game despite what seemed to be a heated exchange, Girardi replied, “I don’t know. Maybe. I don’t know. I don’t think I really said anything that wrong.”

Yankees catcher Russell Martin – who has had his own issues with umpires this year – declined to criticize Randazzo’s zone.

“It looked like was a bit generous, but he was pretty consistent on both sides,” Martin said. “Verlander just seemed like he was hitting those spots more than we were.”

Girardi said that Randazzo walked down the first-base line after the top of the third inning and stared into the Yankees dugout. Bench coach Tony Pena moved to hold Girardi back, but Girardi broke free.

“I threw Tony off me pretty easy. If I want to go, Tony’s not going to hold me back,” he said.


And now we have Joba and his useless performance. If you need to give up a run late in the game. call on Joba. He’s the man for the job. These two (Hughes & Joba) wore out their welcome with me three years ago.


Joe was right to take issue with this zebra’s strike zone. Generous is an understatement. Verlander is a good enough pitcher, he does NOT need an ump’s assistance at all. I was surprised that Swisher wasn’t thrown out after that confrontation with the zebra. Fact is, the ump knew he blew that pitch or he would have tossed Swisher. I’d send the video to the league office and ask for an explanation. Hopefully, in the playoffs, the Yankees will NOT see Randazzo.


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