McGehee: “You’ve got to change your mindset to bleeding pinstripes”

A few quotes from the newest Yankee, Casey McGehee, courtesy of’s Tom Singer:

On coming to New York: “I haven’t spent too much time in a real big city. I played there once as a visitor; it’s definitely an experience. I got the easiest part – I get to go play baseball, that’s always a calming influence on me. My wife is from a town of 3,000; it’s a long stretch from Alamo, Tenn. to New York City.”

On joining the Yankees: “I get a chance to go play for arguably the greatest franchise in the history of sports, so there’s something to be said for that.”

On switching teams midseason: “Since Spring Training, it’s been Pirates and Zoltan – then one phone call and you’ve got to change your mindset to bleeding pinstripes.”

On shaving his facial hair: “A lot of work has gone into this goatee. But it’s just facial hair, not that big a deal. I might look a little funny.”

McGehee is expected to join the Yankees for Wednesday’s game against the Orioles.

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