Cano: K.C. fans went “over the line” during Derby

Quotes from Robinson Cano after leaving tonight’s All-Star Game in Kansas City:

“I knew coming in I was going to get booed. The only thing that I would say that I didn’t like was the way they treated my family when they went to the restroom (at Kauffman Stadium). But it’s part of the game and hopefully it stops here and we’ll move forward.”

“They were yelling stuff to my family, which is not — I don’t see the right thing. You know, this is a game and we’re All-Stars. I mean, if I get booed, I don’t really care. But I mean, when they start with your family, that’s over the line.”

“Thank God they didn’t do anything (physical). You don’t want to take this too far away. It takes away the line when they do something to your family. Because it’s just a game. This is the kind of stuff that you want to have fun and you want to go home with good memories.”

Yankees captain Derek Jeter also weighed in:

“It happens. My parents sometimes don’t go to games because of what fans do. I don’t think that’s a reflection of all the fans. You’re always going to run into an idiot here or there who may do something or say something to someone’s family. That’s not a reflection, I don’t think, of Kansas City or Kansas City’s fans. Booing is fine. You expect to get booed on the road. But you’re always going to have people who maybe drink a little bit too much or say something.”


By all accounts they pay their money so they have the right to boo Cano, but verbally abusing his family is bang out of order and the truth is that ultimately if you asked anyone to pick their top 4 home run hitters in the AL you’d only find crackheads & Royals fans who’d pick Billy Butler! I heard Selig wants to introduce a rule where all Derby lineups have a hometown player in there, but I’m sorry, Butler was there as the rule pick – he wasn’t there on merit, he was there because EVERY team no matter how bad has to be represented.

Being honest it’s easy booing the Yankees, it’s not just baseball, over here everyone hates my favourite soccer club mostly because well, before the club went into bankruptcy we were the best club in the history of Scottish football – thus everyone hates us. The Yankees have slapped around near enough everyone in baseball, therefore people will always want to boo & jeer – but in an AS game lets be honest, club rivalries are put to the side for one game.


If the Kansas City fans love Billy Butler so darn much, maybe they should support him by GOING TO A GAME OR TWO during the season, rather than boo Cano. The attendance in KC is pathetic (24th out of 30 in MLB).


The HR Derby is supposed to be a light-hearted, fun event. I understand why the fans were upset but they have a tendency to take thing too personally. The boos must have really gotten to him though, because it was shocking to see him not hit a single dinger. 😦 Congrats are in order for Prince.


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