Reggie: “It was best” not to be at Fenway

KANSAS CITY – Reggie Jackson was told by the Yankees not to attend this past weekend’s series against the Red Sox at Fenway Park after the former slugger’s comments to Sports Illustrated, which included criticism of the legitimacy of Alex Rodriguez’s home run total.

The 66-year-old Jackson attended Monday’s State Farm Home Run Derby at Kauffman Stadium, throwing out a ceremonial first pitch. Jackson said that “there is no ban, no suspension” from his role with the Yankees.

“It was just a mutual thing where it was best,” Jackson said. “The clubhouse [at Fenway Park] is small, a very small place. All the media is there. I didn’t want to be a disruption.”

A baseball source said the team was concerned about Jackson making matters worse and distracting the current Yankees in front of a heavy media contingent, a weekend that included FOX’s nationally televised game on Saturday and ESPN’s broadcast on Sunday.

It is not known when Jackson will return to the Yankees’ clubhouse.

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