Video: Yankees get a break on Dewayne Wise’s phantom catch

Here’s a transcript of umpire Mike DiMuro’s take on the events, via a pool reporter:

What did you see on the Hannahan play in the seventh?
“I went out on the ball and saw the ball into his glove in his stands. He disappeared into the stands and I believed that the ball was in his glove.”

Did you ask him to show you the ball?
“No, I believed the ball was in his glove when he came out of the stands.”

Have you had a chance to review the play?
“I have. Now that I see the tape it’s obvious that the ball fell out of his glove.”
“In hindsight, I should have asked him to show me the ball since he fell into the stands and out of my line of vision.”

In the middle of the eighth you and Hannahan had a discussion…
“Yes, he and I got into a discussion about the play. He told me to reference the tape replay and that is why I ejected him.”

Dewayne Wise heard DiMuro say, ‘Out,’ and sprinted for the dugout. He never actually had possession of the ball, which remained in the stands even after the call was made.

“I’m not going to argue with him,” Wise said. “It was a tough angle for him. Stuff like that happens. They’re not perfect. He said, ‘Out,’ right away, so what was I supposed to do? Run back to left field? I ran off the field.”

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