Nick Swisher: I’m a better outfielder than you think

Nick Swisher had a blast in the eighth inning last night, catching all three outs and laughing his way off the field before exchanging fist bumps with a pair of NYPD officers outside the Yankees dugout. Swisher had the crowd going “ca-ray-zee,” as he put it, and later said, “Who’s happier right now than me?”

Swisher said that he isn’t sure if he would have been able to get to all three balls if not for his winter training regimen. The last catch came on a running grab near the foul line on a Carlos Santana fly ball.

“An extra 10, 15 pounds, that can cut off a couple feet here or there,” Swisher said. “That’s the one thing, me and Rob Thomson have really worked on. I feel like I am a pretty good outfielder, and I don’t think many people think that. So I try to go out there and give it everything I have every day.”

Joe Girardi said he thinks Swisher’s defense has improved because he has been able to play in one position for the most part. Swisher believes that he still gets a raw deal defensively, but says there probably isn’t much he can do at this point to change public opinion.

“You know; it is what it is,” Swisher said. “I know what I’m capable of doing. Every day I go out there, I give it my best. I feel that I have become a way better defender than I have been in past years, and I think it’s starting to show.”

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