Derek Jeter’s favorite birthday? We may never know

Today is Derek Jeter’s 38th birthday, which prompts me to share this anecdote about the Yankees captain. A few years ago, a group of reporters clustered around Jeter’s locker on this date, looking for quotes on the topic of getting older — which, by the way, isn’t usually something that Jeter enjoys discussing.

In any event, someone asked Jeter a lighter question about what his favorite birthday memory was. For an instant, you could see a flickering in Jeter’s eyes, and he flashed a wry grin. Whatever it was, Jeter wasn’t about to share the details with an ocean of notepads and recorders.

“You know I can’t tell you that,” Jeter said.

What was it? Let your imagination run wild, but something tells me it’s a good story. We’ll also probably never know.

As for this 38th birthday, Jeter offered this to a questioner who wondered if he enjoys this day: “When people give me gifts, it’s always fun. I don’t mind it. … I didn’t get any gifts from you guys.”

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Sure wish I could give you a huge bear hug. Many happy birthdays to follow.


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