All Aboard for the Subway Series

The Yankees weren’t in festive spirits after Thursday’s lopsided 7-3 loss to the Rays, in which it seemed like only about five percent of the crowd hung around to see Russell Martin’s ninth inning homer, but that won’t mean a thing come game time on Friday.

The Subway Series has been around since 1997, but as Mark Teixeira said, it’s still one of the crown jewels of Interleague play. The years when Joe Torre had to downplay the matchups with the Mets are long gone, and now it seems like the Yankees look ahead to the packed houses in the Bronx and Queens with a certain level of amusement – if not outright excitement.

“To me, the Mets series and the Red Sox series are the best series at Yankee Stadium,” Teixeira said. “The fans are so into it, especially this year with the Mets having a great year. Facing Johan [Santana] tomorrow is going to be electric in his first start after no-hitter. It’s going to be a great atmosphere at the ballpark.

“I’ve said Interleague in general has run its course. Playing Pittsburgh and Seattle in July just doesn’t make a lot of sense, but the Subway Series makes sense. I would love to continue to play the Mets at least one series every year because the fans deserve that.”

Nick Swisher has likened Yankees-Mets to a good college football matchup, at least in terms of the environment and decibel level. You can be sure he’ll be enjoying himself when the lights come on around 7 p.m. Friday.

“Hell yeah. Absolutely. That’s a rivalry,” Swisher said. “I’m the guy to talk to about rivalries. I dig that stuff. This place is going to be rocking tomorrow night. It’s going to be exciting. A lot of fun.”

“I think in a rivalry, you can throw records aside. It doesn’t matter. Everyone is going to bring their ‘A’ game and you’ve got to be on top of your stuff. Tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday, it’s going to be a lot of fun. We’re excited.”


great game for Kuroda tonight. Hope he doesn’t miss his next start. We need him in the rotation. Home runs tonight. Wish we could play some small ball when the HRS AREN’T COMING to manufacture a few runs. Anyway, would be great to sweep this series.


I’ve experienced a great many things in my sporting world from international rugby against New Zealand to semi-finals of European club competitions and nothing even comes close to the noise as soon as Yankee Stadium realised Louis Castillo dropped the ball! Subway Series games for me are fun, derbies in sport allow you to have that bragging rights thing at work the next morning – the ability particularly in this case to remind your workmates that New York belongs to the Yankees, not the Mets!


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