Jorge Posada, Seattle Mariners catcher? Could’ve happened

This afternoon, the YES Network passed along a selection of quotes from Lou Piniella, as his CenterStage interview with Michael Kay prepares to run on Wednesday at 11 p.m. ET immediately following the Yankees’ postgame show.

Here’s one interesting nugget of how Piniella, then the Mariners’ manager, says he helped influence the December 1995 trade of Tino Martinez to the Yankees — and how the deal with Seattle nearly included Jorge Posada. If you’re not loving the Jesus Montero trade today, you definitely wouldn’t have liked this one.

“You know why [the Mariners] traded [Tino Martinez] to the Yankees, truthfully? Tino was gonna get traded to San Diego. And I know his family really, really well from Tampa, so I called Woody [Woodward], our general manager, and I said, ‘Look, Woody, is there any chance that you could look at Tino and talk to their general manager about trading him to the Yankees?’ And he said, ‘Well, we are pretty long along the way with San Diego.’ And I said, ‘Well, take a look at him.’ And he said, ‘By the way, [the Yankees] got a young catcher named [Jorge] Posada that we [the Mariners] really liked.” Anyway, we traded Tino to the Yankees, we traded Jeff Nelson to the Yankees, and we got Sterling Hitchcock and Russ Davis. Two really, really nice players, but no Posada.”

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