Jeter ties George Brett on all-time hits list

OAKLAND – With two hits on Saturday, Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter moved into a tie for 14th place on baseball’s all-time hits list with Hall of Famer George Brett, owning 3,154 career hits.

Jeter legged out a bunt single in the fourth inning facing Athletics starter Bartolo Colon to equal Brett. Earlier in the game, Jeter stroked a third-inning RBI single to break a tie with Paul Waner for 15th place on the all-time list with 3,153.

Cal Ripken, Jr. is next on the list ahead of Brett with 3,184 career hits.


Thanks. What it basically comes down to is this. Baseball includes Anson’s years in the National Association (1871-1875), while does not. When you subtract what baseball reference has for Anson in the National Association, you almost get exactly what has for Anson. The difference is one game and one hit, which, considering the timeframe, is perfectly understandable. But how many Anson really had, and how to calculate it, who knows. Anyway, mystery solved. Thank You!


Well, here is an answer, from Wikipedia. Baseball Reference lists Anson at 3435, others at far less. So Baseball Reference has Anson way above Jeter, but other sources have Jeter as already passing Anson.

Career hits total

There has been some controversy as to whether Anson should be considered the first player ever to reach the 3,000 hit milestone. For many years, official statistics credited him with achieving that goal.

When the first edition of Macmillan’s Baseball Encyclopedia was published in 1969, it disregarded a rule in place only for the 1887 season which counted base-on-balls (walks) as hits and times-at-bat instead of 0’s in both categories as they were before and have been since. Anson’s 60 walks were removed from his 1887 hit total, resulting in a career mark of 2,995, though later additions of the Encyclopedia would still add 5 more hits to exactly 3,000.[7]

The other controversy over Anson’s total hits had to do with his five years in the National Association.[18] Neither the Macmillan Encyclopedia editions nor Major League Baseball itself at that time recognized the NA as being a true major league.[7] Only recently has Major League Baseball accepted the NA as a de facto major league; the website now includes the NA years in Anson’s record, placing major league hits total as 3,418.[18] Anson is officially placed at seventh in the all-time leaders in hits. [Actually, it is not clear that MLB recognizes this as the official total. See “Comment [Number of hits]” in this article’s Talk page for details and links.]

Other sources credit Anson with a different number of hits, largely because scoring and record keeping was haphazard in baseball until well into the 20th century.[19] Beginning with the publication of the Baseball Encyclopedia, statisticians have continually found errors and have adjusted career totals accordingly. According to the Sporting News baseball record book, which does not take NA statistics into account, Anson had 3,012 hits over his career.[20] The National Baseball Hall of Fame (which uses statistics verified by the Elias Sports Bureau) credits Anson with 3,081 hits.[21] This figure disregards games played in the NA, but includes the walks earned during 1887 as hits.


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Baseball has Jeter tied for 15th. So where is the conflict, with Cap Anson’s numbers? Just wondering.


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