A-Rod, Yankees booed in punchless loss to Royals

Only a fraction of the announced crowd of 39,229 hung around to see the final pitch of Monday’s 6-0 Yankees loss to the Royals. In fact, a large amount of that number probably never entered the building at all on a rainy, raw evening in the Bronx.

Those who did brave the elements for a three-hour, 10-minute affair in which the Bombers fared 0-for-13 with runners in scoring position wanted to have their voices heard, and understandably so. There were boos when Alex Rodriguez grounded out in the eighth, followed by weak strikeouts from Raul Ibanez and Nick Swisher.

The jeering continued as the Yankees wasted Mark Teixeira’s ninth-inning leadoff double with three straight outs — even though, despite the message of that classic Animal House clip where John Belushi says, “Nothing is over until we say it is,” it was indeed pretty much over by that point.

A-Rod, who finished the night 2-for-4 with a double, said that he heard the booing and didn’t have a problem with it.

“Without a question, these are the greatest fans in the world,” Rodriguez said. “They’re passionate. We all have the same frustration, we’re all working hard. But the one thing [is], we’re a confident bunch, we’re working hard, and we will turn this around. No doubt about it.”

Yankees manager Joe Girardi chalked the booing up as “part of the game,” and though he phrased his words carefully, he seemed to be able to sympathize with the sentiment.

“You’re going to hear it on the road, you’re going to hear it at home when you don’t play well,” Girardi said. “And it’s because our fans have passion and they want to win, and I understand that. So do the guys in that room. If they’re unhappy with us, believe me, we’re probably unhappier.”


Doubtful that they’re unhappier, the guys in the stands are paying hard earned money to watch guys being paid vast sums of money to fail miserably – something which would cost those guys in the stands their jobs if they did it at their place of work. You can’t hit the way we do with RISP and expect not to hear all about it, further to that you know it’s bad when we see Tex walking to the plate already knowing it’s likely to be a groundout to the second baseman in short right field! Methinks that patience with Kevin Long is wearing extremely thin these days in the stands.


Put the young guys in at starting positions for three games in a row- maybe that will shake them up. Girardi says they are getting the work in and preparing for the game. My question is are they mentally prepared- doesn`t seem like it. They are not playing with any passion. That is why I like Gardner, Cervelli, Nunez- they will make young player mistakes, but you cannot question whether they are mentally into the game. PLAY WITH SOME PASSION !!!!!!!!!!


Want to change the BOO to cheers, Joe? Start playing the game to WIN!!! Start HITTING with runners on base. Start playing sound baseball. And for God’s Sake DUMP some of the deadwood on this squad and get some youth & speed.


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