Mariano Rivera injured in outfield during batting practice

KANSAS CITY — Yankees closer Mariano Rivera was carted off the field at Kauffman Stadium on Thursday after appearing to suffer a right knee injury shagging fly balls during batting practice.

The Yankees were hitting on the diamond just after 7 p.m. ET as Rivera raced back, reaching up for a fly ball. His right knee buckled near the warning track and he crumpled to the ground near the fence, rubbing his knee immediately in pain.

Teammates and coaches crowded around in concern as Rivera received attention in the outfield. Manager Joe Girardi was among those watching the all-time saves leader be propped onto the back of a flatbed truck and driven around the warning track.

Head athletic trainer Steve Donohue was riding with Rivera, who was gingerly helped into the clubhouse and did not appear able to put pressure on his injured leg.

No further information was immediately available about Rivera’s injury. Rivera regularly shags fly balls in center field during batting practice and has spoken about hoping to play the position in a game before he retires.


can anybody tell me why Mo with how important he is to the Yankees as a closer is shagging fly balls in the outfield risking injury? What a stupid thing. Is this Mo’s doing or is this a compulsory routine for pitchers? And if so, why?


Well that sucks.


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