Garcia sent to Yankees bullpen

Freddy Garcia has been told that he will be pitching out of the Yankees bullpen.

Garcia said that he was not surprised by the move considering how he has pitched this season.

“It’s not like they’ll wait for you to be good,” Garcia said. “That’s not the way it works here.”

The move suggests that David Phelps will join the rotation.

D.J. Mitchell has been recalled from Triple-A to serve as a long man, but no corresponding roster move has yet been announced. Cody Eppley seems to be a good bet.


i think it’s more a case of him being happy he wasn’t released than anything else!


It’s about time, he’s terrible, just wish there were a better option than Phelps who hasn’t looked all that impressive either, maybe Mitchell would have been better, but as far as the entire organization goes there’s not much in the way of options other than Pettitte. Garcia does nothing but adds pressure to the team’s BP which has been used far too much this early in the season.


I knew there was a reason why re-signing this guy was a mistake.


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