Freddy Garcia is running out of chances

The Yankees’ patience with Freddy Garcia has to be running thin, as the veteran right-hander offered them only 1 2/3 innings this afternoon against the Tigers, the second straight start he has only been able to provide five outs.

Joe Girardi’s defense of Garcia has largely been that he has seen him succeed before and that he’ll figure it out, but it was plain to see that Garcia had no chance against the Tigers. They waited on him, made him throw the ball over the plate and then crushed it when he did.

Andy Dirks belted a three-run homer on an 0-2 pitch in the first inning and pretty much everything was hit hard in the second inning, highlighted by Brennan Boesch’s run-scoring double and Miguel Cabrera’s two-run single, both to right field. The Yankees appreciated what Garcia gave them in 2011, but they may have gone back to the well one too many times with him.

At this point, David Phelps or D.J. Mitchell could be better options until Andy Pettitte returns (though, let’s not forget, Phil Hughes hasn’t exactly figured it all out yet either).


Noticed the Yankees sent Garcia to the pen. Don’t know why, not sure he’ll get anyone out coming out of the pen. He’s had a good career but it might be time for him to hang it up. His pitches are easy to pickup & he’s very easy to hit.


there were several people on blogs last night (myself included) offering to pitch in Garcia’s place – i think with me though the height would be more likely to confuse hitters than the movement on my pitches!


At this point my 7 year old granddaughter is a better option than Garcia. The guy is throwing batting practice out there.


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