Pineda set for season-ending surgery Tuesday

Yankees right-hander Michael Pineda has been diagnosed with an anterior labral tear of his right shoulder and is scheduled to undergo season-ending arthroscopic surgery on Tuesday.

Pineda will have a labral repair procedure performed at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. Dr. David Altchek will perform the procedure, assisted by Yankees team physician Dr. Christopher Ahmad.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman said Pineda is expected to miss a full calendar year. He could be back on a big league mound in May 2013.

Cashman said that in no way does he believe the Yankees received damaged goods from the Mariners, calling Pineda a “fully healthy” player at the time of the January trade.


I don’t buy Cashman’s claim that Seattle didn’t know and that he was perfectly healthy in January. Trying to cover his own backside for not picking the damage up in the physical? Makes you wonder. Damaged it in spring training? Don’t believe it. He didn’t pitch in spring training with the velocity he pitched in Seattle for the first half of the year. Just a bad screening and admit it. Gone the whole year. The guy we were hoping would be our #2 starter. Now we’re left with the Ace and Kuroda and Nova and Petitte when he gets ready, and then the 5th starter is up in the air unless any of them suddenly turn it around from what they’ve done so far this season. I’d say give Phelps the #5 spot and put Garcia and Hughes in the bull pen for long relief or at least as they are able to go without giving up too many runs.


And no compensation from Seattle for dealing damaged goods? Certainly they would have known that with his velocity decreasing at the end of the year etc. that there was a shoulder problem. But the Yankees should have picked it up in their physical too. Won’t be counting on Pineda for a while obviously. Good job we signed Petitte and he’s soon ready to come back but then he replaces Pineda and Garcia and Hughes because all of them are questionable at this point.


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