Cashman: Pineda was “fully healthy” at time of trade

Yankees GM Brian Cashman:

“In no way do I believe, or do the New York Yankees believe, that the Seattle Mariners had any knowledge of any issues here with Michael Pineda prior to the trade or anything of that nature. He was a fully healthy player we acquired. We had full access to his medicals, which were clean.

“We had the opportunity to do a full physical exam, which we did, which came out clean. Michael has never had a shoulder issue nor has he complained of one with the Mariners, nor has he ever had any tests on the shoulder with the Mariners. This is just an unfortunate circumstance that can happen. It happened.”


If anything the Yanks should have known something was wrong with Pineda just by looking at how last season ended for him and how ST started for him, with his velocity taking a dive. At worst anyone can say that Crashman knew there were problems with Pineda and chose to ignore them and made the deal regardless, at best you can say that this team didn’t know about pineda’s problems and his workload contributed to where his injury is right now. Either way, Pineda’s future at best is foggy as we have to wonder how this will affect Pineda, at worst it’s questionable. This team can forget about getting any kind of a payoff from this deal any time soon, if ever.


Glenoid labral repair in Major League Baseball pitchers.


Pineda has anterior labral tear, will have surgery next week
By Mike Axisa


Pregame notes: “It’s certainly not a good situation”

Posted by: Chad Jennings


Cashman is an idiot. Everyone know this is a risky trade. Pineda didn’t pitch well in the second half. Yanks gave up a potentially GREAT player in Montero and a serviceable player in Noesi and got this chump??


Sorry I don’t buy it. Pineda did not pitch at the end of last year like he did at the beginning. His velocity had decreased considerably and his ERA was up. That must have been a red light to the Seattle organization and I would think to the Yankee management. Is this an attempt to cover a bad signing or the Yankee screening system or being “taken” by Seattle? Lost a great potential bat and young prospect for a pitcher who now is lost for the whole year. In the short term doesn’t look like a fair or good deal.



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