Yankees waiting on Pineda results

When will we see Michael Pineda pitching again?

The Michael Pineda saga has taken a strange turn, as the right-hander will be sent for a second opinion from Dr. David Altchek tomorrow in New York.

Pineda did have a dye contrast MRI today at the direction of Yankees team physician Dr. Christopher Ahmad, and the team is not ready to reveal those results. Presumably, Ahmad and Altchek will confer before an official announcement is made.

Joe Girardi said that Pineda’s agent oddly asked for a second opinion from Altchek, the Mets team physician, even before Ahmad gave the first opinion.

It seems fair to mention that none of this necessarily adds up to great news, whatever the diagnosis may be. Girardi said that the situation is “disappointing” and that the Yankees are proceeding as though they won’t have Pineda for a sizable amount of time.

“It’s not what you want,” Girardi said. “We thought we were going to get a power pitcher that pitched very well and we believed had a very huge upside. Right now, we don’t have him, and right now I can’t tell you when we’re going to get him back.”


These type of injuries aren’t always easily seen, but the first and biggest clue should have been his big drop in velocity in ST, and he complained of soreness. That’s when they should have at least questioned or wondered about Pineda, but then again you are talking about a team that doesn’t have the first clue when it comes to developing pitchers. The fact that this team gave Pineda a full physical before the trade just isn’t enough. They should have looked at other things like the fact that his ERA started to climb late last season and he struggled to win a game after his 8th win last year.

Knowing how serious and tricky these type of injuries are the best anyone can say about Pineda’s future is that it’s a big question mark, blurry at best


Is there not some comeback the Yankees have against Seattle for dealing them damaged goods? Can’t Cashman ask for some compensation from the league head office or reverse the trade? Hard to believe Seattle didn’t know that Pineda had a bad shoulder. How come the injury didn’t show up when the Yankees did an examination prior to the trade? Says that the physical isn’t very in depth or comprehensive. Obviously in the short term Seattle got the best deal. it’s only fortunate that Andy signed with the Yankees. Pineda was supposed to be the #2 starter after CC.


IF all of what you write is true, Patrick, then Cashman needs his head examined for taking the trade. Let’s hope we see this kid this year. IF not then shut him down.


If Pineda EVER pitches for the New York Yankees, the chances that he’s EVER close to what he was are EXTREMELY slim.

The guy has a blown out shoulder, and he’s had it since last September. Do people HONESTLY believe Pineda didn’t pick up a ball ALL WINTER just because “he’s lazy”???

And a guy who had previously been COMPLETELY untouchable is suddenly available (shortly after suffering a dramatic loss of velocity in his final start of 2011) just because???

How Brian Cashman still have a job is beyond me.


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