Game 17: Yankees at Rangers

April 24, 2012, 8:05 p.m. ET, Rangers Ballpark, Arlington, Tex.
TV / Radio: YES/MLB Network, WCBS 880 AM

YANKEES (10-6)
Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Alex Rodriguez DH
Robinson Cano 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Nick Swisher RF
Raul Ibanez LF
Eric Chavez 3B
Russell Martin C

RHP Hiroki Kuroda (1-2, 5.00)

RANGERS (13-4)
Ian Kinsler 2B
Elvis Andrus SS
Josh Hamilton CF
Adrian Beltre 3B
Michael Young DH
Nelson Cruz RF
David Murphy LF
Mike Napoli C
Mitch Moreland 1B

RHP Yu Darvish (2-0, 3.57)



YAnkees have 4 good starters with Pettitte? Who? Still not sold on Kuroda yet as he comes from one of the weakest divisions in baseball from last season. Garcia can’t be relied on to win anything for this team, then there’s Nova and CC, but that won’t be near enough to get this team over the hump.


Darvish was as good as he can be tonight. Very rarely does a pitcher have command of all his stuff—–even the good ones. I’m encouraged by Kuroda—-he just has to get past the first inning blues. Good pitching always dominates good hitting. It is a fundamental theorem in baseball and that is why the Yankees need Andy P. back on the mound being Andy P. I am optimistic that if he is healthy and pitches like he can we’ve got four good starters and hopefully Phil H. will come along, but to believe that I’ll have to see 4 good outings in a row by him and at this point, he is not close.


problem is this is an all our nothing team, it’s either they hit HR’s or the lose. AS for Tex .. I wish the bum didn’t have a no trade clause, he is the absolute worst. Yeah he had a big game in Boston, which he does every 60 games or so, but since he is 0 for 9 .. the guy is a bum who hits meanlingless HR’s to pad his stats. Arod dunno what to say anymore.. i never boo’d him and always supported him, but he is no longer the same asset to this team and his fake media face and comments are ridiculous.


real pitching duel here tonight. Kuroda has only given up 4 hits but the Rangers have 2 runs and the Yankees none. Great start for both pitchers. Yankees need to get to the pen and put a few runs on the board and pull this one out. Kuroda deserves a better fate tonight than losing.


NOT a big defender of Arod. Fact is I think he and a lot of other MLB players are way overpaid. However, he did smakc a 3 run shot last night to put the game out of reach. Don’t like the DP in that situation but it is a part of the game. As important, in that same inning, Grandy K’s with no one out.


Bases loaded and the Yankees come away empty. What’s that all about? ARod hits into another DP. Mr. Clutch. Throw away those kind of opportunities against a team like the Rangers and it will come back to bite you big time.


3rd inning 4 strikeouts for Darvish and 8 runners left on base by the Yankees and 2 hits and the score 2-0. Everyone has been wondering if Darvish is ready for the big leagues and pitching in North America. We never got into the sweepstakes to get Darvish good or bad. So far he’s outpitching Kuroda. if we can get the pitch count up and get him out by the 7th we might be able to get to the Ranger’s pen.


Hey Yankee fans. This is going to be a tough one tonight to win with Darvish pitching and such a strong lineup offensively. Beltre is back. Kuroda gives up a home run to the first batter. Not a good sign. Anyway, let’s see how it plays out.



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