A-Rod wowed by Marlins Park

Alex Rodriguez called the area that the new, beautiful Marlins Park sits in “my hood” and fondly recalled taking three or four buses to watch Dan Marino play at the Orange Bowl. As a Miami resident, he feels a certain pride in being able to be one of the first to ever set foot on the field here.

“Obviously I don’t want to be corny and cheesy because it is a spring training game and all that, but for me this is a very special day,” Rodriguez said. “I never imagined as a child that such a beautiful stadium would be built in the middle of Miami. I’m certainly very proud of the city of Miami and the Marlins to be able to achieve this in my hometown.”

A-Rod said the Marlins invited him a few times to take a tour this past winter, but he wanted his first day at the stadium to be with the Yankees.

“I’ll tell you, I get chills,” Rodriguez said. “I’m a little emotional because I’m right down the street. I get to share this with my family and friends today, my two daughters will be here, they’re super excited. Look, we know what Yankee Stadium means to us in New York; it means the world. It has been a big success for us and I really hope that it’s a huge success not only for Major League Baseball but for Jeff and the Marlins.”

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