Robertson in good spirits after “embarrassing” injury

David Robertson seemed in good spirits as he arrived in the Yankees’ clubhouse this morning, using crutches to navigate his way with a large boot on his right foot. Robertson said he is still waiting for yesterday’s test results, which have been sent to New York to be reviewed by team physician Christopher Ahmad and a specialist.

For now, the Yankees are terming his injury a sprained right midfoot, but they sent him for a second batch of tests yesterday that included a CT scan and a weight-bearing X-ray. All he knows for sure is that he slept well last night and there has been no swelling, which he sees as encouraging.

“They just saw something that I guess didn’t look perfect,” Robertson said. “It could just be the angle of the MRI or something like that. That’s why they went back and did a second round of testing, just to make sure that they’ve got a good view of it, to make sure there’s no breaks or anything else. It feels better today, that’s all I can tell you, really. I’m hoping that it feels even better tomorrow and in the next couple of days, and I’ll be back out there in a week.”

Robertson said that the way he suffered the injury – missing a step while carrying empty cardboard boxes downstairs for recycling – could be the worst part of the whole situation. Yankees closer Mariano Rivera has already given Robertson grief for the unusual circumstances.

“It’s embarrassing. I don’t even want to have to come talk to you guys about it,” Robertson said, laughing. “I’d rather be like, ‘I tripped over a chair in the clubhouse’ or something than tell you I fell down those stairs in my house — and not a full flight of stairs, just like one stair.”

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