Girardi: Robertson’s MRI showed “cause for concern”

The MRI taken this morning on David Robertson’s right foot showed “cause for concern,” according to manager Joe Girardi, and Robertson has been sent back for more tests – a CT scan and a weight-bearing X-ray.

Team physician Dr. Christopher Ahmad and a foot specialist in New York will be looped in on the results, and the Yankees expect to know more on Friday. Girardi sounded less optimistic about Robertson’s situation after the Yankees’ 6-1 loss to the Blue Jays than he did this morning in his office.

“You hope a lot of times you can clear things up with one test,” Girardi said. “I would love to know what’s going on, if there’s something that we’re going to miss him for a substantial amount of time, but I don’t know yet.”


Robertson is not being paid millions. He’s getting 1.4 mil this year (money he hasn’t seen yet), he got the major league minimum the year before I believe and and after taxes, agents fees and such he’s probably not got an unreal amount of money in the bank. Certainly quite a bit, but not massive.

Besides, those were empty boxes. As much as we’d love to have these guys in bubble wrap whenever they aren’t pitching, these are real people, who aren’t going to hire people to move empty boxes. What next, install elevators in their homes so they never have to take the stairs? Always take baths so they don’t slip in the shower?


Can anyone tell me why Robertsons is moving boxes around his house when he is being paid millions and is a key part of the Yankees relief staff? Could he not have hired a company to move his boxes? Highly paid athletes who are in key positions need to take precautions. These off field injuries are all too common and often it’s stupid things like cutting their finger with a sharp knife while doing vegetables or falling down a flight of stairs. Hopefully he wasn’t inebriated when he fell down stairs or wasn’t pushed by his wife or girlfriend. Already we are getting into the injury scenario that could affect the start of the regular season and could determine winning or losing. The Yankees are not playing well and have been very enemic offensively and our starting pitchers haven’t been stellar either. Some real cause for concern I think.


Inebriated? Pushed? Sounds like your career is/was writing for a tabloid and “sensationalizing” events. That’s quite a stretch Bob!


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