Jeter, A-Rod and Francona weigh in on Bobby V.’s comments

Adam Berry here, once again pinch-hitting for Bryan Hoch in Tampa, Fla.

Of all the days for Terry Francona could have shown up at Yankees camp, Wednesday certainly seemed to be the most fitting.

Most of the talk in the clubhouse here was, of course, centered around a few of new Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine’s comments about Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez, that famous flip play in 2001 and that bench-clearing brawl in 2004. So it was almost a little too fitting that the former Boston skipper was in the house in his new role as an ESPN analyst, taking time to share his thoughts with reporters.

Before we get into all the comments from Tampa, however, consider this from Fort Myers: Valentine told colleague Ian Browne he wasn’t trying to malign Jeter because, “I love Jeter.”

Moving on, here’s Rodriguez’s brief statement when asked what he thought about Valentine praised retiring catcher Jason Varitek for his ability to “beat up Alex”:

“Like I said, I’m not going to win many battles here when it comes to words, especially against Bobby. But I will tell you this, I got my new press secretary that should be landing in the next couple days, Reggie Jackson, so I’ll let him handle that. All right? Thanks.”

A-Rod then split through the crowd of reporters gathered around his locker, and that was the end of that.

As for Jeter, here’s some of what he had to say…

On Valentine wondering if the Yankees actually practiced that play. “I mean, we do. You know what I mean? You’ve seen it. You guys have been here.”

(For the record, as I’m sitting here writing this, the Yankees are practicing that very play.)

His thoughts on the comments? “I don’t think anything. I really don’t. I have no thoughts whatsoever. Who cares? Why are we talking about this? They must be bored over there, huh? I don’t understand.”

And a personal favorite, Jeter’s response when asked about the first thing he’ll say to Valentine the next time he sees him: “’Hey, Bobby.’ That’s about it. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, really. A lot of people have said that I wasn’t supposed to be here, and I’ve told you guys from Day 1 that’s where I’m supposed to be. That’s what we work on. He’s not the first person to say that. Since I’ve come up, we’ve done it the same way. We might be doing something like that the next couple days, so I invite all you guys to come out there and see that I’m in the same spot every time.”

And finally, here’s what Francona thought about Valentine’s comments, the play itself and Jeter: “I’m sure some of that’s in jest. I don’t know. I wasn’t there, and I’m out of it. I’m out of it. To me, it’s not important whether the Yankees practice that play or not. The fact of the matter is that he’s good enough to make that play. You could practice that play until you’re blue in the face, and he’s probably still the only guy who makes that play. That play was part of baseball lore. Again, I don’t doubt they do practice it. He’s probably the only guy that makes the play. … He sees the field better than anybody in baseball. He’s the one guy that makes that play.”

Francona spoke about several other topics related to the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry, including the marathon games. We’ll have more from Yankees camp later today on and


Sorry about AJ but like you Seeknay happy he’s the Pirate responsibility. yet the Yankees still have them on their salary cap. He really creates a lot of drama on any team doesn’t he? He’ll be starting late this year. I fear that a late start is either going to serve to his advantage or destroy his season, but that’s not our worry any longer. Hi to all the bloggers, especially Robert and Seeknay. Looking forward to our tweeting this year and the sparring back and forth that goes on about our wonderful Yankee team. A new season and a new start. Only the World series is good enough for Yankee fans. Go Yankees!


Bobby V. will be good for the rivalry——more fun——more dislike——-greater satisfaction from wins. Hey—– isn’t it time to play some games!!!!!


I kinda feel for AJ, he finally thought he was gonna get out of the hell he’d been in the last 2 years only to go and bunt the ball square into his eye – D’OH! (incidentally looked a pretty awkward looking bunt attempt – you’d think after all those years with the Marlins he’d atleast look comfortable up there)


UPDATE to AJ’s injury. He’s having surgery on it. Don’t ever wish injury on any player but alas glad he’s the Pirates problem. He’ll be out for sometime apparently. The guy ought to be on a daytime soap opera, it’s always something with him.


I wonder how embarassed Bobby V is every time he realises that Ramiro Pena’s won more World Series rings than he has or more appropriately the fact that the two players he had a cheap pop at have more hardware than he does. (infact one of said players has more hardware than he’ll ever be able to attain – 5 rings don’t just appear for nothing) He’s a clown, his stunt with the fake moustache showed that, should have stuck to Baseball Tonight but even then you get the feeling he was only there to make up the numbers!


Someone needs to tell Bobby V. to take a teaspoon of STFU soap. BTW I noticed thast A Jerk Bustnett got hit in the eye today at the Pirates camp. See what happens when you leave the Yankees then bad mouth them.


Booby V = poster boy for Massengail’s Douche.


I wonder how long Bobby V will get along with the Boston media, the fans and the team.


Bobby deserves the V salute with my index and middle fingers……but I have to fight the urge to withdraw the index finger!


In the UK we use a V (the nails face outwards) instead of the middle finger… so quite apt really😉

(For accuracy’s sake, we also use the middle finger, but that’s cos we like to be rude in two languages LOL)


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