Michael Pineda is coming at you

This is pretty much what it'd look like to face Michael Pineda.

I got lucky and trusted my life in Michael Pineda’s hands to snap this photo this morning. The end result was probably worth the risk of having a 95 mph fastball sizzling toward my head.

Anyway, Pineda and CC Sabathia were out on a back field early this morning, each firing 25 pitches of live batting practice to Colin Curtis and Melky Mesa. The hitters got a few decent swings in, but for the most part, the adage of pitchers being ahead of hitters at this stage of camp is true.

Gustavo Molina caught both pitchers and said this was his first look at Pineda. He said it was easy to see why the Yankees went after him, and said his slider was his best pitch today. Pineda threw about five or six changeups and Molina said he’s working on it, but it should be a good pitch for him.

The raw size of Pineda and Sabathia, back to back, was enough to impress Curtis.

“He’s a monster,” Curtis said. “He’s big up there. I think him and CC might be the two biggest guys you can find. It was good, though, because the sun was back there. They were kind of blocking it.”

More from Yankees camp later in the day.


Would any batter charge the mound if hit by this guy? Only the craziest!


Love the training camp updates. Pineda looks very excited to be throwing the ball. Great enthusiasim.


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