The Yankees are back; first workout complete

If you were watching on the main field for batting practice, it sure looked like Eric Chavez came ready to camp. Two of Chavez’s first three swings produced bombs that landed on the right-field party deck, and he belted a few more blasts before his round was over. Chavez also laced two missiles into the seats behind first base that had the fans scattering for cover.

All in all, not a bad show for the first day, but as Joe Girardi said — it’s much too early to take anything concrete from batting practice. In fact, Girardi spent most of his time watching the pitchers.

“I think when you watch them take their swings now, the biggest thing is you want them to get in shape without having setbacks,” Girardi said. “You hope something doesn’t tighten up because the workload is different. When you work out in the winter, you go and do your work. If you hit, you hit for 45 minutes and you might go do something else. If there’s a break inbetween you might stretch but it’s usually about the first time that they’ve been on their feet for 2 1/2 hours straight in spikes. That’s the difference.”

I dusted off my camera, an old Fujifilm S5100 that I bought back around 2002, for the workout. Here’s a few of the snapshots the day produced:

Mariano Rivera gets his throwing in. Rivera was on a back field playing catch with David Wells.

Alex Rodriguez said in his press conference that he's not a DH, and he proves it here.

Things are looking up for likely No. 3 hitter Robbie Cano.

Derek Jeter limbers up for the beginning of his 18th big league season.

Does anyone have more fun at the ballpark than Nick Swisher?

A slimmer Mark Teixeira has a ball, literally.

Jeter and A-Rod share a laugh in the outfield grass.

Keeping close eyes on Joba Chamberlain's recovery.

Russell Branyan, Bill Hall and Jayson Nix are hoping for bench spots.

Cano cools off.


They are good pictures. I was at spring training recently and was able to watch David Adams, Andruw Jones, and Justin Maxwell workout. David looked like he was in great shape. Any news on Brett Marshall or Gary Sanchez?


Great photos, Bryan!!!


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