Jeter was ‘shocked’ Yankees landed Pineda

If you’ve watched any of Derek Jeter’s postgame interviews, you know that there isn’t much that surprises him. In fact, he’s probably said that he isn’t surprised several thousand times over the course of his career in New York. So you might be able to understand that it was a little out of character for Jeter to say that he was “shocked” by the Yankees’ January trade that landed Michael Pineda from the Mariners.

“I was shocked when we got Pineda,” Jeter said in this morning’s spring kickoff press conference. “We faced him one time last year, but you’re talking about someone who’s 22, 23 years old, with an arm like that. You don’t really acquire guys like that too often, so I was excited about it. I think the organization as a whole is excited about it because, like I said, that doesn’t happen too often. You feel bad that (Jesus) Montero has to leave, but you’re excited you get to have an opportunity to have a guy like that on your team for a long time.”

As for the chances of the 2012 squad, Jeter took a tongue-in-cheek poke at Brian Cashman’s recent work, hinting at the moves that swapped out A.J. Burnett, brought in Raul Ibanez and brought back Eric Chavez.

“I haven’t read the name tags yet – everything keeps changing in the last few days,” Jeter said. “One thing you’ve heard me say before, we always have an opportunity to win. We have a lot of great players that are on our team, we’ve made some great acquisitions, we have a lot of guys coming back. But it’s hard to tell. You felt good about last year’s team going in. We felt as though we had a team that could win. I feel the same way this year. You’ve got to get through Spring Training and see what happens, and hopefully you can stay away from injuries. But I like who’s on our team.”

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