Mo plans to hit the road

It’s a running joke of Spring Training that Mariano Rivera doesn’t need to hang any gray pants in his locker. Why would he? The Yankees aren’t about to put him on a bus and have him trekking all over the Sunshine State; even trips across the Courtney Campbell Causeway to play the Phillies in Clearwater are a little bit too much of an inconvenience.

But Rivera indeed has been issued a pair this spring, and what’s more, he plans to use them. I wouldn’t go looking for Rivera when the Yankees visit Fort Myers or Kissimmee, but he confirmed today that he does plan to be with the team for the April 1 and 2 exhibitions against the Marlins at Miami’s Sun Life Stadium.

Of course, that’s a little different situation than rolling over to Dunedin or something; Rivera still won’t have to ride the bus, since the Yankees are booking a charter flight from Tampa to Miami on March 31.


So Mo will play on the road this Spring? Has Bud Selig asked him to begin his farewell tour in Miami’s new stadium?


someone gave Mo grey pants?!?

seriously, you just can’t get the staff these days😀


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