Girardi: I’m a better manager today

Good morning from Steinbrenner Field, where Day 2 of workouts for Yankees pitchers and catchers are about to begin.

We’ll lead off today with Joe Girardi, as the Yankees manager was asked yesterday if he feels like he’s grown in his position since taking over Joe Torre’s chair in 2008. Girardi first jokingly asked if he looked older than then — it’s not for us to say, the reporter responded — and then agreed that he has found a better feel for his day-to-day duties.

“I think I’m much different,” he said. “I think you have a much better understanding of how it works here and the expectations of the job. It’s one thing to say you know what it’s like because you watched someone else do it, but it’s another to actually do it.

“I think the relationships with the players are stronger. I think there’s a better understanding of my players. I think there’s a better understanding of managing an American League game as opposed to a National League game. So I do think I’ve improved.”

Back with more updates in just a bit.

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