Mariano Rivera has made a decision

(… And he doesn’t want to say what it is … but he might have anyway.)

Mariano Rivera just spent about nine minutes talking to the media at Steinbrenner Field, saying that he has made a decision about whether or not he will continue to pitch in 2013.

Rivera danced around it as much as he could, saying several times he wouldn’t reveal the decision, but it was impossible not to come away from that chat thinking that Rivera has already decided 2012 will be his final season.

In fairness, Rivera has hinted at retirement before, but he said that nothing – “Even if I save 90 games. Even if they want to pay as much money as they want to,” he said at one point — can change this particular decision. So what else could it be?

“How many times have I told you guys that this is my last year?” Rivera said. “Seven, eight years? I keep telling guys, after this year, I’m not going to play [any] more. Then there it is, I play two more years, a contract for three more years. Then another three more years. Yes, I have. … But this one is different. This is it. This one is my decision. When I let you guys know what it is, you guys will know.”

Rivera was asked if he sees himself staying in baseball after he does retire. He said that he does, but not at the big league level – he’d prefer to be in the Minor Leagues working with younger players. And managing? That’s completely out, he said.

“No, no, no,” Rivera said. “If I wanted to be a manager, I’d continue playing until I can’t [any] more. Because you have to do the same things, traveling and traveling, doing all that stuff. I’d have to come to Spring Training. No, no managing. That’s out.”

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