Cap’n Crunch-free CC rolls the clock back

CC Sabathia is back in his Spring Training 2011 shape, reporting at a more svelte 290 lbs. or so, a very similar look to where he was when he came in 12 months ago. Now, the key for Sabathia is staying there, something the Yankees have talked to him about.

“It’s just making sure I stay healthy and be able to keep it off,” said Sabathia, who lost about 10 to 15 pounds this winter. “It’s important to me to make sure I get in a good routine and keep it. I’ve got a lot of help here, so it shouldn’t be hard.”

Yankees GM Brian Cashman said that he called Sabathia to Yankee Stadium over the winter to relay the importance of keeping his physique in check, a meeting attended by manager Joe Girardi and head athletic trainer Steve Donohue.

“CC is one of our hardest workers, he really is,” Cashman said. “He’s obviously a big man and he’s pitched with weight his whole career. Some people do that. But obviously over time you have to be careful and watch your diet. That was the focal point of our conversation.”

Sabathia also said that watching A.J. Burnett head off to the Pirates is a difficult situation for him personally. Their families grew close as they were linked coming to New York at the same time; even having their Yankee Stadium press conference on the same day.

“We came into this thing together, and it’s just tough to see him go,” Sabathia said. “But I think it’s the best for him, and we just move on. It’s part of the game, he’s been around a long time, and I think he understands. … A change of scenery, sometimes that does well for guys, and hopefully that can do well for him.”

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