Tex likes Yankees’ trade for Pineda

Mark Teixeira offered a positive review for the Yankees’ big move of the offseason, saying that Michael Pineda could have a great impact on the club’s rotation for years to come.

Jesus Montero, dealt to the Mariners in last month’s four-player deal, might well turn into an elite big league hitter, but Teixeira said that the gamble seems to be worth it.

“Montero might be really, really good. He’s got a chance to be special, but so does Pineda,” Teixeira said last night at the Thurman Munson awards dinner in midtown. “I think that’s what we’re banking on; Pineda being a top tier starter and somebody that can be a force for a long, long time.”

Teixeira and the Yankees faced Pineda just once last season, on May 27 in Seattle. Teixeira went 2-for-4 against the right-hander, including a first-inning solo home run.

“[Pineda has an] electric fastball, really good slider,” Teixeira recalled. “He’s so big. Any pitcher that is that big, that can throw that hard, his margin of error is going to be a lot bigger than everyone else’s. He can go out there and not even his best stuff. When you’re 6-foot-7 and throw 97 (mph), you’re going to get outs.”

Teixeira did seem to suggest that the Yankees could use one more bat to complete their offseason shopping. If the season started today, New York’s DH would likely be Andruw Jones, with some consideration given to Minor League slugger Jorge Vazquez and the rest of the at-bats rotating between players like Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter.

“We basically have the lineup we had last year,” Teixeira said. “Rotating a DH wouldn’t be bad, but if you could pick up a guy that could come in and give you some pop off the bench or be a DH every now and then, we’re not going to say no to that. We can use all the help we can get.”

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