Cashman: I’m comfortable with A.J.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman continues to stand behind A.J. Burnett, again defending the embattled right-hander as he answered fans’ questions at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Conn. on Tuesday.

“I am comfortable with A.J.,” Cashman told a young fan, according to “He’s extremely talented and has been inconsistent, but I can tell you I’m comfortable with the effort he’s giving; I’m comfortable with everything that he does, the accountability that comes with him.

“Obviously, we signed him to have more success than he’s having, but it’s a competitive industry and as long as he’s not going to give up on himself, then I’m going to have his back the entire way.”

Burnett figures to be in the mix of contenders for the No. 5 spot in the rotation. CC Sabathia, Hiroki Kuroda, Michael Pineda and Ivan Nova will likely fill out the first four slots, in some order, leaving Burnett, Phil Hughes and Freddy Garcia to duke it out for the final opening.

“This year, we have a whole bunch of starting pitchers – knock on wood – and so we’ll see how it all shakes out, who plays in what role and where,” Cashman said, according to the website. “But if we have the ball in [Burnett’s] hands, I believe that he’ll do well for us. He won one of our playoff games against Detroit and we only won two, we were trying to win three. He stepped up big in Game 4 and pushed us back to New York to give us Game 5. It’s in there and the ability is there, and he does care, so I’m going to stay with him.”


On an unrelated note, 14 days to Spring Training.

Cheers for the countdown clock Bryan. DIdn’t even realise we’re only 2 weeks away from pitchers and catchers reporting.


Totally. Here it comes!


If you sent him to the Rays or Rsox, he’d remember how to pitch & shut the Yankees down. He’s better off hanging out w/ Igawa.


Why wouldn’t you pay that type of money to see him pitch against the Yankees? Could be an automatic win for them. Trade him to Tampa or Boston, but most of know that ain’t gonna happen since he is not tradeable.


solution to that Arun – send him to the Nationals, he’s off our payroll & we’ll at worst face him once since well, chances of the Nats making the WS for him to hurt us again are unlikely at best!


Translation : “I don’t want to pay two thirds of his salary to see him pitch against us”.


This is just proof that Cash is no exception to the rule that we all have our moments of insanity isn’t it?


Cashman might be, the rest of us on the other hand, aren’t!



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