A-Rod says he’s healthy, expects to play third base

Alex Rodriguez says that his offseason workouts are going well and that he plans to do most of his work helping the Yankees in the field, not as a designated hitter.

The 36-year-old Rodriguez told ESPN Deportes that he expects several players to help fill New York’s DH role this season, in the wake of last week’s trade that sent power-hitting prospect Jesus Montero to the Mariners.

“I think the vision for us as a team is now … you want the DH spot to be one that’s kind of a revolving door,” he said in the interview. “I think a lot of us at some point or another, in such a long season, are going occupy that spot. But for me, I’m really excited about playing third base.”

Rodriguez said that he is proceeding on track this winter after visiting a German doctor in early December to undergo Orthokine treatment on his troublesome right knee and left shoulder.

The procedure, which was vetted by the Yankees in cooperation with Major League Baseball, was recommended to Rodriguez by basketball star Kobe Bryant. Rodriguez was treated by Dr. Peter Wehling in Dusseldorf.

“I feel pretty good right now and I hope that (the procedure) helps me stay healthy and have … a great year on the field,” Rodriguez said. “My workouts are going great and I’m looking forward to report day on Feb. 24 (to) get started and have a great year for the Yankees.”


What do you think chances of ARod having Monster season. Being a Yankee fan my patience is wearing thin.


I wouldn’t be too worried about a guy who has hit .225 against a team for his career.


Low BA and high SO aside, he always seems to hurt us! I was happy when he was a Cub.


Pena back to Rays, that’s a good thing……for the Yanks!!!!


But facing him in 18 games isn’t!


I don’t know if the Yanks will platoon at DH, Actually pretty strongly doubt it. If anything they will most likely use one guy and if the older guys need rest they will sit them out for a game.


The main thing is having him play 140+ games is possible. If that means DH-ing a game or two a week so be it. Jeter could probably use a game a week as well, some of the other guys could use a DH game every month, Andrew Jones probably good for q couple of games a week.

Wouldn’t be at all suprised if the Yanks don’t sign a full-time DH.


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