Carlos Pena on Yankees’ interest

Free agent slugger Carlos Pena is on the list of possible Yankees DH candidates for the ’12 season with Jesus Montero now heading to Seattle, alongside choices like Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui, plus in-house options like Andruw Jones and Minor Leaguer Jorge Vazquez.

Pena was on SiriusXM’s MLB Network Radio with hosts Rich Herrera and Mel Antonen on Sunday evening, and briefly acknowledged being contacted by the Yankees. Here’s the transcript of that exchange, provided by SiriusXM:

Host/Mel Antonen: “Carlos, your name keeps coming up as a DH for the New York Yankees. Would you be interested in being a DH at this point in your career or is it safe to say you want to be a first baseman and you would cross the Yankees off the list?”

Carlos Pena: “I think we explore all the options. You have to be humble enough to look at all different opportunities and obviously I think it is the smart thing to do, is just to sit down and listen to it and see what it is all about. So, that’s the right way to go about it. That’s the professional way to go about it. Obviously I feel incredibly healthy and I would say that I have a very good glove so I love to play first base. But I’m also not going to close any doors, that’s for sure.”

Antonen: “Have you heard from the Yankees?”

Pena: “Yes, I have.”

Antonen: “About being a DH?”

Pena: “You know, I heard about, you read that stuff that’s in the newspaper. That’s something that hasn’t been discussed at all.”

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