Bobby V. weighs in on Yankees moves

This shouldn’t be a surprise, but new Red Sox manager and noted sandwich wrap inventor Bobby Valentine wasn’t exactly turning cartwheels this morning over the Yankees’ moves to acquire Michael Pineda and Hiroki Kuroda. That didn’t stop Valentine from weighing in, as Ian Browne passes along:

“Pineda, when I saw him the first half, he looked unhittable,” Valentine said. “Second half, he looked OK. [The Mariners] saw a lot of him and they traded him. Kuroda is a good pitcher [but] a year older than he was last year [and] pitching in the American League and not the National League.

“[Going from] pitching in not a great pitchers ballpark from a great pitchers ballpark. They’re probably an upgrade from [Bartolo] Colon and [Freddy] Garcia. Probably, I don’t know. It seems it.”


Haven’t been following the rangers moves…other than losing cj wilson and adding joe nathan….who did they get???


2 good moves by Cashman…Kuroda and Pineda are 2 real nice pitchers, both will slot in behind CC…Kuroda’s ERA last year 3.07 and Pineda had a whip of 1.09, lower than CC’s, albeit he seemed to wear down in the second half a little…hated to see Noesi and Montero go however…Here’s the supposed rotation…CC..Pineda..Kuroda..Nova with Burnett, Hughes and Garcia battling for the 5th spot…Yanks have a glut now of starting pitching, which I believe another trade is coming…We need a lefty DH, which will probably be Chavez..Damon and Mattsui are also out there for bench or dh duties….Nova 24 and Pineda 23..real nice!!!
After three months of grumbling about the Bombers’ inactivity, New York now boasts a deep, talented rotation capable of ranking among the best in the AL. Yankees fans must feel anything but cursed after this Friday the 13th.


That green monster hits Bobby V every time when it comes to the Yankees. Let’s see what his sorry team does this season…


The acquisition was a good move to upgrade the rotation, he’s definitely an improvement over Garcia (who should be moved to the pen) and Colon. Lets not forget, though he was a bit inconsistent last year, and Kuroda is another old pitcher who has a sub-.500 record with the Dodgers, doubt anyone can say he is an upgrade over anyone. I doubt they will do a lot to counter the fact that this team still has question marks in the rotation in Hughes and BUSTnett. It definitely won’t counter the moves a team like Texas has made who may end up with Darvish in a matter of days, and Texas was a better team than the Yanks to begin with. Still don’t know if this move will get them past where this team has ended the past two seasons.


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